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Content Starts Aug. Kidcore Boxes: Scholastic Book Fair

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Finally, it’s here! The first in hopefully many themed Kidcore Boxes. With this theme of course being the Scholastic Book Fair! Now I’ll make a separate blog post about my memories on that later. (something that will come printed and included in the boxes themselves!) Right now I just want to let you guys know more about what’s going to be in these boxes.

Each box is $50, which includes shipping to the US (US shipping only). You can grab them over on my Patreon or Ko-Fi linked below! Since they’re $50, you also get access to all my Patreon/Ko-Fi goodies like free bases, backgrounds, and exclusive art.

Whatever is left after the exclusive boxes are sent out will be included in smaller, discounted Kidcore Boxes. These discount boxes will go up for sale on my social media sites. I can’t guarantee however that there will be extras of everything listed below.

Let’s start off with what is arguably the best find for these boxes. That being the original Goosebumps books! This is a classic series and one that invokes instant nostalgia to anyone who grew up during the early 90s to late 00s. Baby’s first horror and they went surprisingly hard for books aimed at kids. Why I was reading one of the books seen here last night and it had some pretty horrifying visuals! Hopefully you will find your book amusing! And if horror isn’t your thing, I do have several adorable animal and I Spy books you can use to replace it.

Next we have the classic animal posters! I feel like these things often get overlooked when it comes to fond memories of the book fair. These poster books as well as single posters seemed to be common among every fair I attended. Usually featuring a cute animal just laying about, being adorable. Heck, I think Scholastic is the birthplace of the original “Hang In There” kitten poster! Knowing that, how could I not include two of these posters in every box?

Now I don’t think these organizing folders were a staple of all book fairs, but I do remember mine carrying the odd assortment of them at least once a year. Usually featuring cartoon characters and having nothing to do with books. I guess they figured we would use them for school and that’s close enough. That’s why I wanted to make sure every box had one of these included! They wont all be Looney Tunes themed, but they will all come with a free punch to the nostalgia.

Tapes weren’t often sold in the shop itself, but I do remember being able to order these from the catalogs. Sometimes I believe they even came free with a purchase of ____ or more. Sadly those catalogs are hard to come by (I know, I tried!), so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. I mean hey, if you trust me, I’ll make sure to include one random Magic School Bus tape with every box *wink*.

You I just had to throw in some free with purchase gifts. Lord I had so many of these free bookmarks and door hangers when I was a kid. I felt like the book fair owners couldn’t give them away. Probably how I was able to amass 20 different ones for these boxes! So to make sure I don’t end up like the school library after the book fair blows through, I’m including 4 random bookmarks and 2 door hangers with every box! Most of which aren’t shown here to make for a nice surprise. Plus, you’ll even get one of these cool Magic School Bus stickers, featuring Liz!

Last but not least, what trip to the book fair was complete without a pencil? Whether given free with every purchase or bought with a quarter through one of those pencil vendors, I feel like everyone can relate to walking out of the fair with at least one of these things. So I’m here to bestow upon you a classic pencil. Not just any pencil either, no, a Moonbeams Pencil! Some of the shiniest, and most iconic pencils of the 80s and 90s! I hope you enjoy gnawing on these sparkly pencils.

And that’s it yah’al! At least for this month anyways. The only thing not shown here is your snack and exclusive to Patreon/Ko-Fi sticker! The snack is the original circus animal cookies. The perfect treat to munch while you read a book and let your mind drift back to simpler times.

So if you want a box with all the cool items and more from above, make sure to join the Kidcore Box tier on either Patreon or Ko-Fi! Members who sign up early this month will get an exclusive “Back to School” themed box as well! So I hope you’ll join and I can’t wait to do more of these in the future.

Patreon: Sunday’s Playzone | creating Retro Inspired Art | Patreon

Ko-Fi: Support Sundays Playzone on Ko-fi!

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Content Starts Just a Small Update

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I just wanted to say “I’m Alive!” haha. I know I haven’t updated here in a long while and that’s because I’ve been waiting on some graphics! I commissioned someone not too long ago to help me make some gifs for this site. That way I could always have the same gif appear when I made blog posts under a certain theme. Sadly they just kind of disappeared entirely. So now I’m shopping around so I can get this place moving again! I have so many blog posts queued up and ready to go, now I just need to wait @w@

Expect updates soon though!

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Content Starts Sticker, Stationery, and Scrapbook Sunday! #1

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So! I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt a weekly blog post focusing on many stickers in my never-ending collection, as well as all the unique stationery and scrapbooking material I’ve accumulated after all these years. I decided to call it “Sticker, Stationery, and Scrapbook Sunday!” Very long, yes, but gosh darn if it isn’t accurate!

I’ve decided to start this first post off by showing you all of my sticker books. I have a nice chunk of them here, but I’m in desperate need of more! I’m hoping that after a few weeks I’ll be able to grab a few new ones. Maybe then I’ll have to do an update post, but for now, let me show you what’s already in my possession.

First, we have all my bigger albums! Funny thing about all these guys; they were all thrifted! Well, in a sense. The book titled “Memories”, and the spotted one next to it came from local thrift stores. The Lisa Frank one, however, was purchased from a lady at a garage sale who found it at a thrift store. Luckily, I got it for a steal as well, so I was pretty happy. Anyways, these three house a variety of stickers. The two red ones hold large sticker sheets. One has a massive collection of Animal Crossing themed pages and the Memory one has mostly sheets of letter stickers. The Lisa Frank one, however, is filled with 3×3 trading card sleeves. Half of these are filled with custom sticker envelopes that hold all my flake stickers. The other half holds anything and everything from vintage Pokémon, Sailor Moon, and Digimon vending machine stickers, all the way to small sheets of vintage Sandy Lion stickers.

Next would be the medium books! These ones are all varied and aren’t as organized as I’d like. Mostly a “if it fits, it sits” kind of situation. The loooong Barbie book is actually a photo album I also found while thrifting. I’ve been putting a lot of my individual artists’ stickers and stationery in this book. The pink striped book is actually meant for scrapbooking but works perfectly for those awkward sticker sheets. The best part is, it’s one of the only scrapbooks that you can buy refill pages for. Which is so crazy amazing, you have no idea. It’s nice not having to buy a book every time you run out of room.

The other two here aren’t too special, but I still love them! The clear one is also a cheap little photo album, but it’s just right for all my not-too-long, not-too-wide stickers. Then, the blue border book just holds a bit more of the same. Both just specialize in homing some of the awkward sheet sizes stickers come in. Or in the case of the photo album, hold onto those vending machine stickers from the 2000s. The fact you can slip them into the slots from the side instead of the top keeps them from slipping out. I find the fabric backing catches onto them better than the slippy dippy plastic sheets.

Last but not least are the smaller books! Almost all of these I got from Etsy. Sadly, I mistook the ones with colored boarders to be a rare find, but they’re sold on Amazon now for about $3-5 bucks each, sometimes even in two packs! The two glittery ones, however? Those are the bee’s knees! The glitter ones come with a lot of the side slide-in pages, and all of them are made from thick plastic. They also have room for stickers in the front and back, kind of like paper folders. Then to top it off, they each have a little pencil case like thing in the front! It’s great for storing super tiny, one-off stickers! They even came with white, reusable sticker sheets! You can either use them to place stickers on directly, or you can use them as a white backing like I do here.

But as much as I like these two, they and the others aren’t filled with anything themed or special just yet! Currently, I own too many stickers of too many varieties to really organize. I’m hoping to join this sticker club soon so I can grab one of their awesome sticker books. They look like they have compartments for all types of stickers. Something that could be useful for organizing.

But yeah! That’s it so far! Those are currently all my sticker books! I still have a good grip of stickers not currently housed in these books, however. Whether due to a lack of room or because they come in their own books. Currently all the ones shown here are full to burst! Some of them even have several sticker sheets per page. One day I hope to have them all organized however, but I guess you’ll all have to keep reading to see if that ever happens!

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Content Starts Hungry for 80s, 90s and 2000s Media

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That’s right! I’m here in search of that sweet sweet 80s and 90s media! Right now I’m looking to trade things like VHS tapes, magazines and books for art! So if you’re interested in a trade, please make sure to read below!

The term media is pretty broad, so what do I want specifically? Well I can’t write everything down because, well, there’s just too much out there! But I can give you a broad idea of what I’m interested in. As said, mostly looking for media from the years 1979 to about 2005. Specifically VHS tapes, magazines, books, pamphlets, guides and music tapes. Especially things that are well designed! Things that are just oozing with that vibe. So please, show me EVERYTHING you’ve got! You might not think I’m interested in your “How to Dance the Tango” tape, but I assure you, I am very interested!

I’m not really interested in super popular media though however. Things like the mainstream Disney movies or the Titanic. Though that’s not to say I don’t want any Disney media, on the contrary! There’s loads of things like sing along tapes, Mickey Magazine, making of movie shorts. Just trying to avoid people flooding me with the same 20 copies of Beauty and the Beast. Because let’s face it, we all probably have those tapes!

As for other things like magazines and books, I’m pretty interested! When it comes to books, I’m not interested in novels or things like remote control manuals. I am however interested in picture books, game guides, art design and anything with lots of pictures. Same with magazines! Magazines I’m probably the most loose with. Teen mags, Highlights, Disney Adventures, Nintendo Magazine, Tips and Tricks. You name it, I want it!

Then there’s other things like old Disneyworld maps, travel brochures, pamphlets from schools, yearbooks. Just neat stuff that acts like a time capsule of the past. If it has cool pictures and graphic designs, I am so interested!

If you have anything else you think I might like. Retro plush and toys, vintage Pokemon merch, anything! Feel free to let me know. And please, send me pictures! that will help a ton.

As for the trades themselves, I’m going to be doing a 1 item equals about $5 in art kind of exchange. So if you have 10 VHS tapes, I’ll draw you about $50 in art. There’s bound to be some wiggle room and I’m looking to be fair. If you’re going to force me to draw you something for $5 after I did you a $45 icon from the 10 tapes you sent me, I would just rather you find someone else. This isn’t a “I got to maximize my trade stock” thing. I just really want to start collecting media I can use for my artwork or play during my streams. For that I’m willing to draw something in exchange. I’m not Ebay, I’m not going to give you $200 for Toy Story just because grandma said it’s going back in the vault. This is just a fun little exchange!

Now, here’s some examples of the kind of stuff that has my interest!

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Content Starts New Years Resolutions

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It’s the New Year baby! That means it’s time for some New Years resolutions! I know most people either dislike them or assume everyone usually fails to uphold them, but I’m proud to say I’ve yet to fail at obtaining my New Year’s resolutions! Last year I told myself to get out of my terrible old apartment and to start drawing for myself again. I’m happy to say that both were achieved with flying colors! This year, one of my main goals is to spend less time online and more time enjoying things.

I read something on tumblr recently that really got to me. It said how the best New Years resolution they ever made was devouring everything nice in their life. About not saving things for an undetermined future. I really loved that post and it’s something I want to start living by. Use all my stickers, draw terrible doodles in my sketchbooks, take my collectables out of their boxes to be played with. It just all sounds so lovely! That’s why I decided to pick that up as another resolute for this year.

And finally, I want to continue my quest to become a better person. Be kind, even to those who don’t show me kindness in return. I want to be positive and stop with all the negative thoughts. It doesn’t do anyone any good UoU This plus reflecting more on my past trauma and learning to move past it. Removing my walls and softening up! It’s not a hard goal to obtain, but I want to put my all into it anyways! Everyone can do with a little more positivity and kindness.

So there are my resolutions for this year! What about you? Do you have any resolutions for this year?

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Content Starts Real people you thought were fake?

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As a kid, did you ever struggle with understanding the difference between someone who was real and someone who played a character in a show or movie? I mean yes of course we all have, I suppose that’s part of being human huh xD But here, let me give you an example.

When I was a kid, I loooved Pee-wee’s Playhouse. I would watch it almost everyday with my dad and my uncle. But see, sometimes I would also see Pee-wee in other things like commercials and specials. But it wasn’t “the man who plays Pee-wee”, it was just always him in character. At this point in life, I was just beginning to understand that actors and actresses were a thing. So to see this guy in character even outside his show? It really had me befuddled. It was probably my first time ever -not- seeing an actor out of character. At the time I was too young to really comprehend, so I genuinely wasn’t sure if he was real or not.

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Content Starts Pokémon Cards I’m Looking For!

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Since I’m currently back on the hunt to finish my Pokémon collection, I figured I should try making a small, visual guide on the cards I’m currently interested in! If you have any of the cards below, please feel free to reach out to me on twitter or furaffinity! I’m willing to trade art, newer Pokémon cards, or even money to obtain these cards.

To view the cards, just right click them and open in a new tab!

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Content Starts My New Goodies!

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Wanted to share with you guys all the stuff I got while at Frank and Sons!

First things I managed to snag was this old Puppy Brite plush as well as a decently intact MLP carrying case! It has a few creases since it’s really just some printed cardboard with a thin, plastic casing, but I’ll take it! Got it for I think something like $30 which isn’t bad. About the same price online. Puppy Brite however was both cheap and in great condition! Just a barely visible scuff on the nose.

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Content Starts Trip to Frank and Sons

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Yesterday my partner Nano and I took a trip to a local place called Frank and Sons. They’re more or less a giant collectables expo that’s only open a few days a week. And it’s hecking AWESOME! They have pretty much everything you could think of there: games, VHSs, toys, cards, posters, and even pop figures. Seriously it’s so amazing and I have a blast every time I visit. This time was no different!

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