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Real people you thought were fake?

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As a kid, did you ever struggle with understanding the difference between someone who was real and someone who played a character in a show or movie? I mean yes of course we all have, I suppose that’s part of being human huh xD But here, let me give you an example.

When I was a kid, I loooved Pee-wee’s Playhouse. I would watch it almost everyday with my dad and my uncle. But see, sometimes I would also see Pee-wee in other things like commercials and specials. But it wasn’t “the man who plays Pee-wee”, it was just always him in character. At this point in life, I was just beginning to understand that actors and actresses were a thing. So to see this guy in character even outside his show? It really had me befuddled. It was probably my first time ever -not- seeing an actor out of character. At the time I was too young to really comprehend, so I genuinely wasn’t sure if he was real or not.

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Pokémon Cards I’m Looking For!

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Since I’m currently back on the hunt to finish my Pokémon collection, I figured I should try making a small, visual guide on the cards I’m currently interested in! If you have any of the cards below, please feel free to reach out to me on twitter or furaffinity! I’m willing to trade art, newer Pokémon cards, or even money to obtain these cards.

To view the cards, just right click them and open in a new tab!

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My New Goodies!

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Wanted to share with you guys all the stuff I got while at Frank and Sons!

First things I managed to snag was this old Puppy Brite plush as well as a decently intact MLP carrying case! It has a few creases since it’s really just some printed cardboard with a thin, plastic casing, but I’ll take it! Got it for I think something like $30 which isn’t bad. About the same price online. Puppy Brite however was both cheap and in great condition! Just a barely visible scuff on the nose.

I also managed to grab this adorable, Birthday Chuck E. plush! I was shocked because it was both cheap and in great condition. I always wanted a Chuck E. Cheese plush after losing my old ones, and birthdays are my favorite theme!

I also managed to grab a huge collection of VHS tapes! The Gobots were picked out by my partner and the rest were my picks (though of course we share!). Really hyped for the princess ones! A lot of those old Disney tapes had some unique footage or at least some interesting segments that weren’t seen elsewhere. I’m hoping to show them off when I start streaming! Even Cactus was intrigued!

One of my favorite things I picked up was this fully intact McDonald’s “Ronald Scholars” pencil case. I’ve literally never owned one of these cases in my life (dad always said no to only these?), so to have a freaking McDonalds one is epic. It even came with some inserts about education and some school tools. They’re even Cactus approved and kitty safe!

Last would be these small Pokemon items! Actually kind of shocked. Both were in good condition and ended up being sold on the cheap. Really happy with these two!

A lot of good stuff was grabbed at Frank and Sons! I really wish I got more though! There were just too many goodies there QwQ

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Trip to Frank and Sons

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Yesterday my partner Nano and I took a trip to a local place called Frank and Sons. They’re more or less a giant collectables expo that’s only open a few days a week. And it’s hecking AWESOME! They have pretty much everything you could think of there: games, VHSs, toys, cards, posters, and even pop figures. Seriously it’s so amazing and I have a blast every time I visit. This time was no different!

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A Fantastic and Magical Dream

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Last night I had the wildest dream. Basically it started off involving my friend and I going for a shopping trip to the mall. We picked up some cute outfits and I grabbed a ton of stickers. After we had our fill of shopping, we stopped to grab some lunch and headed back to her place. In the dream, I was feeling down about my weight and my looks. About how I didn’t feel attractive and I thought people looked down on me. My friend Melissa ended up sitting down with me and having this huge heart to heart about how my body isn’t what makes me attractive and how she thinks I’m amazing both inside and out. Was super touching. Then all the sudden we were cuddling on the couch. It was implied, but never mentioned, that we had feelings for one another.

See, in my dreams, I have a very good chance at being somewhat aware of the fact that I’m dreaming. If I nap during the day, I can almost always lucid dream. This wasn’t quite that, but I was aware that it was odd that my friend and I would have feelings for one another, even in a dream. I didn’t have much time to think about it however, because I ended up waking up not long after. The dream must have really shaken me because when I went back to sleep, I awoke (slept?) in a weird continuation of my previous dream.

In this dream my friend was a Victorian royal, or at least some weird, parallel fantasy version of a Victorian royal. A little steam punk, a little fantasy, and a chunk of realism. I however, was more like an upper-middle class woman. I wasn’t so well off to be held at high regards, but I wasn’t so low that I wouldn’t be allowed to be near my friend and her family. But even though we were still close friends (and held secret feelings for one another), her parents looked down on me. The would make comments about how I wasn’t good for their image and that Melissa wasn’t taken seriously among the royal court because I was with her. They’d say it in front of me and tell her to give up our “silly” friendship so she could finally be a proper royal. Melissa would scold her parents and we’d always end up storming off.

That wasn’t the only reason she disliked her parents though. Her mom was royal by blood you see, but her step dad (like irl) was married into the royalty. He basically used her mother to climb the social ladder. He wanted to be a high ranking royal so that he could carry out this idea he had that was okayed by the king. Basically he wanted to spread this super poison that he had made to kill off all animals and plants in the kingdom. They thought the “wild” was dirty and that it threated to take us back to caveman days (rikki tiki tiki). Melissa and I realized though that this was going to end up killing everyone in the end though. Clearly we needed animals and plants to stay alive. That and obviously we didn’t want anyone or anything thing to hurt because of this poison. So to stop his plan, we became vigilantes of sorts.

Sadly how we did this wasn’t explained in my dream very well, but we ended up crafting our own disguises/costumes. I took on this role/costume of a macaroni style royal. I had this ability to charm and entrance people when I walked into a room. Had all eyes on me kind of thing. Then my friend had an awesome, steampunk style, ironman like suit. It had these vents in the back to create a jetpack like effect and long, sharp claws. The whole thing looked vaguely catlike and was mostly this deep red color.

The plan was, I’d go into the club (royal palace place) and just distract people with my powers. Melissa’s parents just saw it as me suddenly being super popular and they hated it. Because now I was getting seen all the time while their daughter was “nowhere to be found”. Then while I distracted, Melissa would climb into the poison storage areas and would take out all their machines and ruin batches of the poison. At first her costume was made to get in and out quickly. The claws being used to climb the walls and stay out of sight, but eventually she had to use it to fight off guards. She even became known among the people as the “Scarlet Woman”.

After a while, it was getting hard to fight, and people were becoming sick from the poison. The royals never noticed because they were never near it, but everywhere else, people were dropping like flies. That’s when we knew we had to get serious. So we went to the town, where all the “poor people” lived, and made a huge speech. Melissa lead the speech, talking about how we needed to rise up and fight together to make things right again. Then Melissa boldly announced she was the Scarlet Woman and put on her suit, inciting cheers from the now massive crowd that gathered. Once she put the costume on, this whole freaking riot broke loose. Together with the people of the kingdom, we went to storm the royals and their castle. But before we went off, Melissa and I had this passionate kiss and promised to be together after the battle. It was so cheesy but I loved it.

Annnnnd then I woke up. Real buzz kill that I didn’t get to see what happened in the end, but wow was it ever an amazing dream. I’m still shaken from it.

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How Did I Not Realize!

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So when I was a kid, I had this friend. Let’s call her Kayla. But you see, it wasn’t just me and Kayla. We also shared two friends named Mike and Joey. So Kayla, Mike, Joey and I were all super close. We mostly grew up together; from the ages of seven to well into high school.

See, for some reason I cannot explain, everyone shipped my friend Kayla with Mike. I guess when we were younger, they did have a lot in common. Though that’s beside the point! The thing is, that always made me wildly jealous. I remember being a huge brat about it and how I would always “fight” for Mike’s attention. Telling people he really likes me and not Kayla. I knew I was being annoying and making everyone uncomfortable, but I couldn’t stop.

But today, while I was drawing, I started thinking about Kayla again. Then, it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. While recalling those memories, it suddenly occurred to me that I never once liked Mike. I was mad, jealous, and wanted to win of Mike over so Kayla would be free. It seems so obvious to me now that I look back on it. I feel so embarrassed. Even back then I was clearly gay!

I’m not upset though. I was just a little kid back then. Luckily I got over myself and we all stayed good friends well into our adult lives. I eventually said sorry about a year after being a butt. Still, it’s crazy to think how hard I was crushing on her back then. Funny, because I’ve had a lot of dreams about her recently. I think it’s because when I get high, I think of my childhood a lot. Since we were so close back then, she comes up in my brain every so often. I think my subconscious wanted me to realize this information for a while now haha. It’s just wild to think I was experiencing being LGBTQ+ even back then.

Glad nothing came of it though. Because then I would have never have met my wonderful partner!

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Beginners Guide to Monster Rancher 2

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It’s not perfect, but I wanted to make a small, to the point guide on Monster Rancher 2. I’ve played this game almost every year since I was 9, so I like to think I know a bit about it. I hope this guide is simple enough to not scare people off as well as keeping the mysteries of the game intact.

Monster Rancher is a hard game. It’s grindy and there is no real “fast” way to “complete” the game. It’s a Japanese game from the 90s so expect a struggle. In the beginning you need 2 things, to raise your rank and to earn money. The best way to do this is pick a monster and stick with it til it dies. Maybe even repeating this multiple times. So in the beginning, don’t battle until you get its stats up. Start off by feeding it either potatoes or milk only. See which it prefers, it will make a gesture if it likes or dislikes it. If it does nothing, then it’s fine. Once your stats are highish (figure everything above 100, and at least power or intelligence over 200), fight in the IMa official tournament D cup. Win and from here, just do the small battles that give you 2000-3000 gold. This will give you a lot of gold and items you can sell. (I recommend keeping the statue and the pot) Keep a good balance of battles and training. (figure a battle every 3 months) Do not fight in additional IMa official tournaments.

First big thing is pick out a monster you want. The monster you pick will determine on how you should raise it. Some monsters are better geared towards intelligence and others power. All monsters you get will start off with stats in the 60s-100s so don’t waste time trying to find something better. If you want an easier to raise monster though, check it’s monster stats. If you check this and go to the right, you can see it’s likes/dislikes and it’s attacks. More than 2 attacks is good. Bonus if they like potatoes/milk or have a good nature.

Monsters like Pixies, Monols and Suezos are better suited for intelligence. Monsters like Hare, Tiger and Zumms work better off of power. Intelligence determines how much damage intelligence-based attacks do and how much damage you take from intelligent attacks. The smarter it is, the less those attacks damage it. Skill being accuracy, speed being dodge, and life being hit points (nothing to do with life span).

Next there’s 5 invisible stats you really want to pay attention to. Spoil, fear, fatigue, nature and stress. Spoil and fear represent how a monster sees you. Too much of either are bad for your monster. If your monster is even, meaning both spoil and fear are about the same, your monster will listen to you in battles more. You achieve this by making sure you appropriately praise and scold it. My advice is always say no to play or a treat (when it says “I want a ____”), always praise it when it does good and always scold it when it does bad. Nature kinda plays a role in this. Bad natured monsters are more likely to cheat and fail. This will change naturally as you raise your monster, so don’t worry about it much.

After that is stress and fatigue. Fatigue is always going up until you rest a monster. When it goes up, stress goes up. Whenever the game says “____ is stressed out”, that means your monster’s life span has gone down a little. Most monsters will live to 3.5-4.5 years. When they’re too stressed or fatigued, they can run away, get hurt or get sick. In the beginning, most of this doesn’t matter. When you can afford it (at least over 5k gold), buy some mint leaves. Give one to your monster at the beginning of every other month.

Your goal in the beginning is honestly just to farm money. Other things fall in place as you go. Your first big goal is to win either an E rank IMa official tournament or a D rank one. After doing this, on July 1st, you’ll be invited to the IMa vs. FIMBA match at the end of the month. Win this tournament, and you can attend the meet on August 4th. You don’t have to win or lose, just entering it unlocks 4 new monsters. Once you have this, make sure you have a B rank or higher monster and over 20k on May 4th. Do this and a builder will come and upgrade your house. Repeat this again next year and your barn will be upgraded, unlocking 3 more monsters.

From here on, just have fun and play the game! The higher your trainer/monster rank is, more cool things will happen! There’s tons of hidden events and surprises so go out there and find them!

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My 5th Year Anniversary With Nano

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So, today is my 5th year anniversary with my wonderful partner Nano. I can’t believe it’s already been so long. I also can’t believe it hasn’t been longer.

I remember we first met through my sister’s streams. They’d come on, we’d talk and have fun. Not long after, we met at a furry con. Nothing much, just some chatting while working at a dealer’s booth. Then later that year, they were at our house, celebrating Halloween with our long time friends. Nano seamlessly was absorbed into our fold and quickly became one of my favorite people to hang out with. It wasn’t long after that when I began having feelings for them. Wild to think that’s how it all started.

Now it’s been five years since we awkwardly decided to tell each other we were in love. We’ve both grown so much since we first met. We went from being awkward messes to working through years of trauma and barriers. They’ve helped me become so much more than I was before we met. I remember back when I was so scared to admit I had interests, that I hated my body and I feared I’d be left the moment I got attached. I remember being so scared every time I saw Nano laugh with someone else. Remembering all the times my partners cheated on me and abused me.

But Nano always stuck by me. No matter how bad my anxiety got. No matter how many times my old trauma resurfaced. No matter how negative I got over my self image. They were always there to pick me up and be a leg to stand on. I honestly never thought I could be as whole as I am now and I absolutely couldn’t have done it without them. Nano makes me a better person and everyday I am improving with them by my side.

All this time later, I feel I am truly happy. I’m doing things I want again and I’ve lost the fear of being abandoned. We’re both still working on hang ups, but we’re always helping one another. All while helping each other find out new things about ourselves together. It’s such a weird feeling. To love someone so much and to be so loved, along with having so much trust in one another. I finally am in a place where I am comfortable and even encourage them to explore things with other people. Not just being friends but even in sensual and physical ways. We’ve come so close that I don’t have the old hang ups I once had with others. I don’t need to fear them enjoying others in romantic or physical ways. I know at the end of the say they’re still my partner and they love me all the same. It might sound weird to many, but to live with that much love and trust in someone is truly freeing.

I can honestly say with all my heart that Nano is the best thing that ever happened in my life. There’s never been a moment where I ever hesitated to believe that either. They’re the kindest, purest and most selfless person I’ve ever met and I’m so beyond happy to call them my life partner. It’s only been five years and I’m excited for five more, and five more after that! I’m just as in love with them as I was when we first confessed our feelings to one another, and I know that wont change anytime soon.

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Little Tokyo

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A while back, when Covid was starting to look better, Nano and I decided to take a fun trip to Little Tokyo. I freaking love it there and the pandemic had me itchy to visit again. See, up until then, we’d go to visit frequently. Often to grab some lunch and dinner or heck, just to peruse the stores. It’s a long drive but so worth it to get some good food.

The first thing we did was hit up Jungle! They told us online that they had an extensive collection of Pokémon cards and I was so down to see these bad boys in person. Sadly it was a big let down. Turns out their “collection” was made up of newer, common cards not even worth $0.05.

It looked really cool though.
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Beanie Babies

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Okay, time I shared some of my beanie baby stories with you all! They were a huge part of my childhood and I just have some cute moments I think you guys might like.

First was my first real dive into the bean craze. I was going to the grocery store with my mom and step dad when I saw this dude with a little booth set up outside. He had mountains of beanie babies stacked up on one of those fold out tables. There were so many of them, it was like a dream come true for lil ol’ me! That’s when I saw them, an adorable leopard in a clear acrylic box. I asked my mom kindly if I could buy one, hoping to cash in all my good kid points in that moment. Luckily she said yes, but only if I found a cheap one. This was at the start of the craze back then, so some of the babies had prices as high as $200. I asked the man about the leopard, hoping she’d be less than the others.

I don’t know if she was actually cheap or if the man felt it was worth it to give a kid a discount, but he told me she was only $5. My mom agreed to the price and the man handed me the beanie. Her name was Freckles and I was in love. I took her everywhere with me while I was visiting my mom that summer. I even managed to snag a friend for her, Blizzard the following week. Blizzard was a white tiger and I made them a couple back then. I had no idea what lesbians were but to me, they were Nala and girl Simba and I’d play knock off Lion King all day with them ;o; I even ripped off their tags. I remember my step dad getting mad and my mom asking me if I really wanted to devalue them. I remember saying something super sappy like “I love them so much that I want to play with them. They want to be played with too. So I’m setting them free.” I have no idea why but I vividly remember looking my mom in the eyes with such conviction. I miss that summer, it was a lot of fun.

Ty Beanie Babies Freckles the Spotted Leopard Plush Toy - 4066 for sale  online | eBay

Another story I remember that also involved my mom was when she tried so hard to win me a beanie baby from her work. She was working at a pizzeria at the time and their boss was doing a ticket giveaway for the workers. You could buy as many tickets as you wanted and the winner would receive a Magic the dragon at the end of the raffle. I don’t know if you guys recall but back then, Magic was worth a ton of money. Now, my mom wasn’t a great mom (well bio mom), but she always wanted to give me the best. I remember we were sitting down, eating dinner after the shop closed one night when she told me she bought $20 worth in tickets. I remember being amazed and so full of love for my mom in that moment. I knew even as a kid that she was doing it for me and that was a lot to risk on a little stuffed dragon.

They ended up doing the drawing a few nights later. I remember eating pizza and looking up at Magic. They were perched on top of the arch that hung over the bar. Sat in an acrylic box with an advertisement for the giveaway inside with them. I remember thinking it looked like Magic was two stories high as a kid, though it was probably more like 10 feet haha. But I was shortly snapped out of my gaze when the manager announced the winner. Sadly, my mom didn’t win, it ended up being some young dude that planned on flipping it for more money. I was sad, but I was still so grateful for my mom putting in the effort to win it for me. We ended up renting a movie that night and I got some cool stickers at the movie shop. We had fun talking about how the guy who won was super lame while I drew drawings of the dragon plush I never got.

Godfathers Pizza - 5 Recommendations - Detroit Lakes, MN
The inside of the pizza place looked just like this!

The third is less a story and more just a memory. See, I used to live right across from a mall. Like, literally you just walked out the door, crossed the street that was right outside your front door, and bam there’s the mall. Took like three minutes to get from my front door to the mall. Inside this mall was a Hello Kitty store. I looooved that place. So many cute stationary items! But back then, I wasn’t there for Hello Kitty. Because inside the shop was a whole wall dedicated to beanie babies. Quite literally the wall behind the cash register was ceiling to floor covered in beanie babies. Every week my dad would give me $5, and every week I bought a $4 beanie baby. Lordeh I had soooo many beanie babies. I did this for a few years too, I must have amassed at least 60 beanie babies in those days.

I remembered I wanted to rival my friend Gabby, whom of which had a massive collection. Her mom would buy them for her in hopes they would be worth thousands one day. They lined the walls of her room. Heck, her mom would even take the birds and other flying animals and tie them to strings, suspending them from the ceiling. I wanted so badly to beat her collection, in a fun way of course. I don’t know if I ever did, but I sure loved playing with them!

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