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🎨Are you open for commissions? Do you do requests? 🎨

This site isn’t really the place for commissions. If you want to know if I’m open or not, check out my Twitter page @Sundaysplayzone. This place is for fun, no work here c:

And no! I do not take requests. If I do, I will mention them on twitter.

πŸ–ŒοΈHow long have you been drawing? Did you go to school for it?πŸ–ŒοΈ

I have been drawing for, gosh, as long as I can remember. My dad still has art I drew back from when I was 2-3 years old. Yet, I don’t think I really got into the idea of honing and improving my art until I first started surfing the web. I didn’t have a computer growing up, but a lot of my pre-teen days were spent looking up art online. I realized there were people like me out there and they were all sharing their art. At the time I was about 12, I made a Deviantart account and asked a friend of mine to scan some of my images. That way I could upload my art to the internet while at school and start sharing it with the world. With posting online came words of encouragement and new friends who shared my interests. It really helped to encourage my growth in art.

As for school, I’ve done a few classes in the past, but they did not to teach me how to draw. They were more so to help me focus on certain areas in art and improve in areas I was weak in.

πŸ“How did you learn to draw? I want to start drawing myself.πŸ“

Practice. I know people hate hearing this, but practice. Non stop. I’ve amassed more drawings in my life than I could count. When I knew I wasn’t good at something, I took it upon myself to improve it. I didn’t hide hands when they gave me problems. I didn’t only draw side views because I was comfortable with them. I just worked really hard.

Also, I say this with complete sincerity, don’t pay for art classes in an attempt to learn how to draw. Most art classes and especially, art colleges will assume you already have an interest in drawing and do it regularly. They aren’t there to teach you how to draw, they’re there to teach you how to master skills, tools and techniques for your media of choice. Not to mention, they will want you to draw things that probably wont interest you, making it even harder to learn.

Honestly, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to draw. You don’t need to get better. Just draw for yourself first and foremost. It’s not something you do to get popular or to make money. It’s something you do because you like it. Everything else is just a bonus. But if you want to get better at art, just practice. But remember to have fun. No one became a master over night.

πŸ“˜But there is some advice I can give. If you want to learn how to draw, try these:πŸ“˜

  1. Don’t worry about it being perfect, don’t worry about being popular, just draw what you want.
  2. When you’re first getting used to drawing, don’t try and finish every piece you do. Spend more time just learning to draw consistantly before you learn how to do everything else.
  3. Draw, all the time. Even if it’s just a doodle, get in the rhythm of drawing somewhat often.
  4. Learn to do one thing at a time. You’re going to get burned out if you’re trying to master anatomy, line work, coloring, shading, etc. all at once.
  5. Stop being so negative. Truth is, yeah people are better than you skill wise. There will always be someone out there that has a higher skill level than you. So instead of being sad and giving up, just keep working. Those people you idolize didn’t wake up one day and draw a 20 page comic, drawn in a realistic and detailed style. They started where you are.
  6. Don’t try and find a style in the beginning. Your style will come in time and even then it will forever be changing.
  7. I still say don’t do art classes until you find yourself drawing regularly and you are comfortable with your art. That said, if you feel more comfortable following someone, look up tutorials and videos online. One thing new artists have now that I didn’t have when I was a kid is sites like Youtube with thousands of art tutorials for anything and everything. These can be very helpful!

✏️What do you use to draw?✏️

Digital: I currently draw using a Cintiq. Before the Cintiq, I was using an Intuos 3 for 12 years. When it comes to art programs, I do the majority of my art in Paint Tool Sai. I will often use other programs such as Photoshop CC and Clip Studio to add small touches such as patterns, warp images or add text. For help with perspective, I use a free program called Carapace.

Traditional: I use colored lead in a mechanical pencil when not using a light-box. For inking I use mostly Microns and sometimes I’ll use the occasional Staedtler pen for colored lines. For the bulk of coloring I use a mix of Prisma and Copic markers, though I prefer Prisma. I then often clean up a piece using white gel pens and colored pencils. Finishing the drawing off by adding small details.

For doodling: When on the go, I often take my iPad Pro and Pencil with me. When I use my iPad, Procreate is my program of choice. It’s a simple program that has a ton of features.

πŸ’ŸWhat is your favorite thing to draw?πŸ’Ÿ

Spoiler! It’s nostalgic stuff that reminds me of my childhood! The great part about that is, is that I get to draw it all the time, even with my commissions!

But if I had to be more specific? Probably a few things. First would be big, round dragon friends, or just round characters in general! Something about that shape reminds me of old cartoon characters. Next would be fanart! I love drawing fanart in my own style!

It’s always a great day if I get the chance to make a collage!

✨What’s your favorite kind of art?✨

Believe it or not, but my favorite kind of art happens to be vintage looking 3D renders. I love the way old renders look. Not “N64” or “PS1” style graphics, but ones similar to the ones made for old video games. Think cover art or the pre-rendered background from games like Final Fantasy and Digimon World.

Second would have to be traditional art collages! Nothing makes me happier than an awesome collage made from a drawing and things like stickers and washi tape!

🚩What are your goals in art. Are you going to do commissions forever?🚩

One day I hope I amass a following. I’d love to see my art reach across the internet. I think that would be super cool. Aside from that though, I just would love it if I could start making merch that sold well. I’d love to be able to sell lots of little designs like stickers and keychains.

It would also be nice to get some supporters over on ko-fi! It would be pretty awesome if I eventually made enough one day to be able to take a week off once a month. Mayne give me some time to do more free art for people x3

🐻Are you a furry, or do you just draw furry art?🐻

I am indeed a furry. I know I don’t draw a ton of personal art featuring my characters or fursona, but I am indeed a furry. Heck I’ve been one since I was 13!

πŸ‰How did you get into the fandom?πŸ‰

Well, honestly I feel like I’ve been a β€œfurry” my whole life. What I mean by that is, I’ve always had a huge interest in animals and anthro characters. Honestly I was an outright pain, refusing anything that didn’t involve animals as a kid.

When I was a pre-teen, I joined Deviantart and promptly took on the title of an β€œanthro” artist. Back then in 2004, furries weren’t as common as they are now and calling yourself one usually meant you would be shunned. It wasn’t until some of my older friends on the American Dragon forums showed me sites like VCL did I realize I was a furry after all. Not too long after, FA was created and I made an account over there. Fully embracing the furry title.