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So this is a bit random, but I wanted to share a little bit about my love for liminal spaces.

When I was young, I spent a lot of time in Oregon. My parents split when I was one and my mother moved to Oregon a few years after their break up. I only visited during vacations and spent all my time in school with my dad. I haven’t been there to visit my mom since I was eight but I still have so many memories of life there. So many of them are vague but I’d thought I’d share anyways.

While this isn’t a story specifically, it has to do with my time in Oregon. Specifically reasons why I relate so many of my outgoings as a child to liminal spaces. I think it’s because when I was in Oregon, I spent a lot of time just running around. A mix of it was different back then and my mom was a sucky parent.

I mention this because I went everywhere in Oregon. I would go into neighbors homes to say hello, I’d go into stores, I’d visit friends and walk around their neighborhoods. I also entered a lot of abandoned places as a kid, I was fearless, but I think due to running around Oregon, I’ve been exposed to a bunch of different settings in a small amount of time. I think it somehow gives me a vague sense of seeing all these places before when I look at images dumbed “liminal spaces”.

I think this is why I love liminal spaces so much. Seeing those eerie pictures just makes me think of my times as a kid, especially (but not limited to) in Oregon. It brings back good memories of better times. Because even if my mom gave me the Rugrats parent treatment, I still had an amazing childhood filled with adventures. People were nicer back then it seemed. I remember making drawings and giving them to people in my mom’s neighborhood. People would just invite me in, give me a treat and let me go about on my way.

One of the big outings I remember was going to my Mom’s wedding. It was by a lake and all the kids were told to run around until the wedding was ready to start. Things were different back then for reals. I can’t remember clearly because I was so young, six or so, but there was an office near by. Something most parks have on the premise, with a little secretary and front entrance area. I just remember us going inside and sneakily running amuck. Looking back on it, all I imagine are “the backrooms”, very creepy and so vast as a child. Even the area outside the office seemed otherworldly back then. Little areas clearly put aside for things like parties or weddings. Empty tables and seats, small hedge mazes with no one around, small walking gardens filled with silence. When we were kids, we thought it was a magical place.

Another big one is the time I spent visiting my friends Amy and Ashley. They lived on a HUGE farm where their parents grew all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Their backyard was like a massive orchard, but more chaotic. All the trees were in random spots instead of little rows. We’d always run around outside, climbing the trees and eating all the fruit we wanted. They had lots of little sheds and green houses around, most of which were lost to time. Again looking back on it, all I can think of is liminal spaces. It really seamed like time stood still back then. Like when we were playing, we were actually stepping into a different reality.

I just had so many moments like that as a kid, if anyone is interested, I’d love to share more. Abandoned homes, shopping areas after closing, ghost towns, I have a lot to tell!

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  • Please, PLEASE share more. I’m sorry I didn’t comment in your other post about daring to bring out a stuffie, I was so proud of and happy for you, I’m really bad at commenting but yours is literally my favorite followed blog (no pressure) so even when I don’t comment do know that I read it literally daily/whenever you post. At least one person is attentively reading so I assure you are not shouting your memories into the void. I just suck at commenting. :[

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