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New Years Resolutions

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It’s the New Year baby! That means it’s time for some New Years resolutions! I know most people either dislike them or assume everyone usually fails to uphold them, but I’m proud to say I’ve yet to fail at obtaining my New Year’s resolutions! Last year I told myself to... Read More

JCPenney’s Christmas Catalog 1996

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One of the things I’ve been into recently has been collecting old magazines and catalogs from when I was a kid. They’re both a wonderful source of nostalgia as well as a great look into the past. One such catalog I have for you guys today is the 1996 Christmas... Read More

Christmas: It Begins!

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This year, Nano and I decided to get the tree set up a little early. We have a new kitten and she’s never seen a tree before, so we wanted to get her used to it a little earlier on. That and it’s been a poopy year, we could use... Read More