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Pokémon Cards I’m Looking For!

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Since I’m currently back on the hunt to finish my Pokémon collection, I figured I should try making a small, visual guide on the cards I’m currently interested in! If you have any of the cards below, please feel free to reach out to me on twitter or furaffinity! I’m... Read More

My Friend Melissa and Pokémon

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So as I continue to remines about the old days and where my love of Pokémon spawned, I need to mention someone who helped fuel my love for the monsters. That being my best friend Melissa. She was the girl I mentioned a little while back in my first post.... Read More

Old Card Shops

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I feel like I can’t talk about Pokémon without talking about card shops. Though when I was a kid, I actually didn’t go to them a ton. I mostly found all of my Pokémon cards and merch just nearly everywhere. I don’t remember a store that wasn’t selling cards back... Read More

My First Pokémon Game

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The story of my first Pokémon game is a special one. See, I was rather late into the gaming world. I was 8 when I got my first console, the PS1, and it had already been out for a few years. Though I had grown up playing games with others,... Read More

My Introduction to Pokémon

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My first run in with Pokémon is probably my fondest memory when it comes to the card game. When I was young, 7 at the time, my grandparents came back from a trip to Japan. They didn’t get me a normal souvenir from their visit, but a unique one instead.... Read More

Pokémon and I

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So I’m sure a lot of you know this already, but I /love/ Pokémon and my side hobby is collection Pokémon cards and merch. It’s probably thee most nostalgic thing for me in my life. So many amazing memories are tied to Pokémon and thinking about them instantly make me... Read More