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Site Revamp 2023!


That’s it! I’ve officially started revamping this site! I’ve had it for about 2 years now and I’ve just had the worst time keeping up with the place. But not anymore! From now on, minus small breaks here and there, I plan on working away at this site a little every night. I really want to make a site that’s not only a fun escape for myself, but also a place where people can get inspired. I want everyone to carve out their own niche for themselves on the internet! Shed centralized, corporate internet! Come back to having a funky lil place to call your own :3

So please! Do come back here often! Feel free to check out all the new areas and updates. I’ll be posting any major changes here in the news feed. But please, do feel free to message me! Give me advice, maybe suggest some cool addons, plugins or things I could add to spice this place up.

And until the next update, stay weird internet!