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  • Aug. Kidcore Boxes: Scholastic Book Fair

    Finally, it’s here! The first in hopefully many themed Kidcore Boxes. With this theme of course being the Scholastic Book Fair! Now I’ll make a separate blog post about my memories on that later. (something that will come printed and included in the boxes themselves!) Right now I just want to let you guys know…… Read more

  • Just a Small Update

    Just a Small Update

    I just wanted to say “I’m Alive!” haha. I know I haven’t updated here in a long while and that’s because I’ve been waiting on some graphics! I commissioned someone not too long ago to help me make some gifs for this site. That way I could always have the same gif appear when I…… Read more

  • Sticker, Stationery, and Scrapbook Sunday! #1

    So! I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt a weekly blog post focusing on many stickers in my never-ending collection, as well as all the unique stationery and scrapbooking material I’ve accumulated after all these years. I decided to call it “Sticker, Stationery, and Scrapbook Sunday!” Very long, yes, but gosh darn if it isn’t…… Read more

  • Hungry for 80s, 90s and 2000s Media

    Hungry for 80s, 90s and 2000s Media

    That’s right! I’m here in search of that sweet sweet 80s and 90s media! Right now I’m looking to trade things like VHS tapes, magazines and books for art! So if you’re interested in a trade, please make sure to read below! The term media is pretty broad, so what do I want specifically? Well…… Read more

  • Inner Child

    Inner Child

    Please don’t read past this point if you’re not over 18 please. The post below is sfw, but does mention marijuana. Please respect these wishes C: Read more

  • New Years Resolutions

    New Years Resolutions

    It’s the New Year baby! That means it’s time for some New Years resolutions! I know most people either dislike them or assume everyone usually fails to uphold them, but I’m proud to say I’ve yet to fail at obtaining my New Year’s resolutions! Last year I told myself to get out of my terrible…… Read more