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Content Starts Christmas: It Begins!

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This year, Nano and I decided to get the tree set up a little early. We have a new kitten and she’s never seen a tree before, so we wanted to get her used to it a little earlier on. That and it’s been a poopy year, we could use a little Christmas cheer!

Have some photos of out tree decorating process.

Nano putting the tree together.
All put together!
Ribbons and ornaments!
All done c:

I can’t wait for the rest of December! Christmas is my favorite holiday. I’m a little sad it’s going to be lonely with Covid around, but Nano and I are going to try and do some different stuff this year for the holiday. Saving money by crafting some gifts instead. I’ll share some pictures as the month goes on. I hope my cheer is contagious and everyone has a nice end to the year.

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