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Please don’t read past this point if you’re not over 18 please. The post below is sfw, but does mention marijuana. Please respect these wishes C:

‘I’ve been trying to get in touch with my inner child a lot lately. Honestly, who says we have to give up all the fun stuff just because we’re grown-ups? Heck that man! I love unleashing my inner kid every now and then. That’s been my mission as of late.

Usually after having an edible, I get in that headspace to be childish. Not just that! It also really helps me remember things from my childhood. Things that just give me the purest form of nostalgia. It’s like that moment when a familiar scent wafts by, and you’re instantly transported back in time. I get that almost non stop when in the right state of mind.

Today I achieved that same nostalgic feeling in a slightly different way. All I did was drink some water mixed with juice. Remember when you were a kid, and you’d get a drink of water after having a cup of juice. When you’d use the same cup, the water ends up tasting a little like the juice? Well when I was a kid, sometimes I would mix them on purpose. I’d keep a little left over in my cup, just so I could see what this sip of juice tasted like with water. Well tonight, that’s what gave me that nostalgic feeling tonight.

See, I have this awesome IKEA concentrated juice, and I noticed my partner making some. Instead of grabbing a regular glass, I asked for a splash of the concentrate in my water. Sure enough, it tasted just like it did when I was a kid. Basically that’s what this post is about. I want to do more of these delightfully goofy things that bring back those feel-good vibes. Silly, childish things that just give me good feelings.

So what do you guys think? Would anyone be interested in hearing more of my moments like these? Maybe call them kidcore vibes because I think my fellow kidcore fans understand. I think it would be fun!

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