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Content Starts JCPenney’s Christmas Catalog 1996

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One of the things I’ve been into recently has been collecting old magazines and catalogs from when I was a kid. They’re both a wonderful source of nostalgia as well as a great look into the past.

One such catalog I have for you guys today is the 1996 Christmas Catalog from JCPenney’s. JCPenney was one of the bigger companies to do this back in the day; being far more popular than it is now. I remember as a kid, I was just as hyped to see this catalog as I was for the one from Toys R Us. I have many a fond memory of sitting down with the book late at night, circling all my favorites to show my dad or to add to Santa’s list. Very much a treasured memory I am sure many of you share.

But enough of that. Why don’t you all sit back and enjoy some of these classics with me? Take a look at these photos I took from my copy of the catalog.

(Just click on the image to enlarge it. Or for single images, open them in a new tab!)

Oh man and the sleeping bags! That and when Mickey and Minnie were on everything that wasn’t covered in Taz or Bugs.

Back before cell phones were common place, watches were fairly practical. Never been into watches myself but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want the Gargoyle one!

And who can forget all the magical Disney themed Christmas items?

But I know you all really came here for the toys!

All in all, there’s a good haul to be had here! So many things I wanted then and I want now. I wonder if the number here still works 😛

If you liked these though, you guys should let me know! Was there anything here you saw that you wanted? Either when you were younger or now? Maybe tell me a story about something you had pictured here. Or maybe did you live outside of the U.S. and had your own catalog special to your area? I’d loved to hear your stories! You can comment on this post, message me on the “Ask me anything” tab or just message me elsewhere and I can share it here!

Also, for anyone interested, you can find the whole catalog here on this site. I didn’t want to rip their images, so I took my own.

1996 JCPenney Christmas Catalog (

I plan on doing more of these soon! I have more catalogs as well as over 20 Nick Magazines to share with you all!

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