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Content Starts Aug. Kidcore Boxes: Scholastic Book Fair

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Finally, it’s here! The first in hopefully many themed Kidcore Boxes. With this theme of course being the Scholastic Book Fair! Now I’ll make a separate blog post about my memories on that later. (something that will come printed and included in the boxes themselves!) Right now I just want to let you guys know more about what’s going to be in these boxes.

Each box is $50, which includes shipping to the US (US shipping only). You can grab them over on my Patreon or Ko-Fi linked below! Since they’re $50, you also get access to all my Patreon/Ko-Fi goodies like free bases, backgrounds, and exclusive art.

Whatever is left after the exclusive boxes are sent out will be included in smaller, discounted Kidcore Boxes. These discount boxes will go up for sale on my social media sites. I can’t guarantee however that there will be extras of everything listed below.

Let’s start off with what is arguably the best find for these boxes. That being the original Goosebumps books! This is a classic series and one that invokes instant nostalgia to anyone who grew up during the early 90s to late 00s. Baby’s first horror and they went surprisingly hard for books aimed at kids. Why I was reading one of the books seen here last night and it had some pretty horrifying visuals! Hopefully you will find your book amusing! And if horror isn’t your thing, I do have several adorable animal and I Spy books you can use to replace it.

Next we have the classic animal posters! I feel like these things often get overlooked when it comes to fond memories of the book fair. These poster books as well as single posters seemed to be common among every fair I attended. Usually featuring a cute animal just laying about, being adorable. Heck, I think Scholastic is the birthplace of the original “Hang In There” kitten poster! Knowing that, how could I not include two of these posters in every box?

Now I don’t think these organizing folders were a staple of all book fairs, but I do remember mine carrying the odd assortment of them at least once a year. Usually featuring cartoon characters and having nothing to do with books. I guess they figured we would use them for school and that’s close enough. That’s why I wanted to make sure every box had one of these included! They wont all be Looney Tunes themed, but they will all come with a free punch to the nostalgia.

Tapes weren’t often sold in the shop itself, but I do remember being able to order these from the catalogs. Sometimes I believe they even came free with a purchase of ____ or more. Sadly those catalogs are hard to come by (I know, I tried!), so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. I mean hey, if you trust me, I’ll make sure to include one random Magic School Bus tape with every box *wink*.

You I just had to throw in some free with purchase gifts. Lord I had so many of these free bookmarks and door hangers when I was a kid. I felt like the book fair owners couldn’t give them away. Probably how I was able to amass 20 different ones for these boxes! So to make sure I don’t end up like the school library after the book fair blows through, I’m including 4 random bookmarks and 2 door hangers with every box! Most of which aren’t shown here to make for a nice surprise. Plus, you’ll even get one of these cool Magic School Bus stickers, featuring Liz!

Last but not least, what trip to the book fair was complete without a pencil? Whether given free with every purchase or bought with a quarter through one of those pencil vendors, I feel like everyone can relate to walking out of the fair with at least one of these things. So I’m here to bestow upon you a classic pencil. Not just any pencil either, no, a Moonbeams Pencil! Some of the shiniest, and most iconic pencils of the 80s and 90s! I hope you enjoy gnawing on these sparkly pencils.

And that’s it yah’al! At least for this month anyways. The only thing not shown here is your snack and exclusive to Patreon/Ko-Fi sticker! The snack is the original circus animal cookies. The perfect treat to munch while you read a book and let your mind drift back to simpler times.

So if you want a box with all the cool items and more from above, make sure to join the Kidcore Box tier on either Patreon or Ko-Fi! Members who sign up early this month will get an exclusive “Back to School” themed box as well! So I hope you’ll join and I can’t wait to do more of these in the future.

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