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Content Starts My Friend Melissa and Pokémon

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So as I continue to remines about the old days and where my love of Pokémon spawned, I need to mention someone who helped fuel my love for the monsters. That being my best friend Melissa. She was the girl I mentioned a little while back in my first post. When I was young, she moved in next door and we became fast friends. And though we don’t talk as much now a days, we’re still close and always manage to talk Pokémon when we do catch up.

Though Melissa and I first met when she moved in next door, our close quarters didn’t last long. A few months after we got into Pokémon, Melissa ended up moving across town to the city next door. Luckily my dad’s job had him traveling to that side of town often, so it wasn’t too hard to convince him to drop me off. Even though Melissa was now farther away, I’d have to say the arrangement was far better. Her house was awesome! Her family valued childhood and she had a whole, large room dedicated to playing. Of course it aptly being called the playroom. Here many a fond memory was born. We’d often find ourselves romping around the room and when we weren’t, we were looking through our Pokémon cards or watching the anime on VHS.

Hands down though, the best part of Melissa’s house was Bases, the card shop I mentioned previously, being across the street. Well not the best but it was a great plus. Even better was the fact that Melissa’s mom would often tempt us with promises of Pokémon card packs if we did all the chores. And boy howdy did we do those chores. Every morning we’d wake up; water the lawn, pick up dog poop, wash the floors, clean the dishes, vacuum the carpet, everything. At least her mom didn’t lie. After a few hours of slaving over house work, she’d always take us across the street for Pokémon cards. It was hard work, but always worth it.

I’ll never forget the time we got three packs each. I was a little miffed that Melissa got two holos and I hadn’t pulled anything yet. I was so mad when she pulled the non holo rare Lugia card from one of the new Neo sets. I remember uttering the words “Man you always have all the luck.” as I worked to open my last pack. Though I sure felt like a right jerk when I pulled the arguably more rare, holo Lugia card. At least Melissa was a good sport about it. I remember giving her one of my Ninetails cards later that day since it was her favorite Pokémon.

I had so many great times with Melissa, and a lot of them surrounding Pokémon. We use to go to Burger King everyday when the Pokémon first came out. Trying to get as many of the toys as possible. We’d always play pretend like we were Pokémon or the trainers as well. I specifically remember this was the time I had a huge crush on Misty and would pretend to be her when we’d play games. I just remember Melissa dissing on Misty lots because I thought she was so cool. Just so many good times.

Memories like this are what make me miss being a kid. Being so absorbed into something and being able to share it with a friend is one of the best feelings in the world. I’m glad I can still call her and joke about those times when we were Pokémon obsessed.

One day I gotta make more posts about Melissa. It surely wont be the last time you hear about her!

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