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Content Starts My 5th Year Anniversary With Nano

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So, today is my 5th year anniversary with my wonderful partner Nano. I can’t believe it’s already been so long. I also can’t believe it hasn’t been longer.

I remember we first met through my sister’s streams. They’d come on, we’d talk and have fun. Not long after, we met at a furry con. Nothing much, just some chatting while working at a dealer’s booth. Then later that year, they were at our house, celebrating Halloween with our long time friends. Nano seamlessly was absorbed into our fold and quickly became one of my favorite people to hang out with. It wasn’t long after that when I began having feelings for them. Wild to think that’s how it all started.

Now it’s been five years since we awkwardly decided to tell each other we were in love. We’ve both grown so much since we first met. We went from being awkward messes to working through years of trauma and barriers. They’ve helped me become so much more than I was before we met. I remember back when I was so scared to admit I had interests, that I hated my body and I feared I’d be left the moment I got attached. I remember being so scared every time I saw Nano laugh with someone else. Remembering all the times my partners cheated on me and abused me.

But Nano always stuck by me. No matter how bad my anxiety got. No matter how many times my old trauma resurfaced. No matter how negative I got over my self image. They were always there to pick me up and be a leg to stand on. I honestly never thought I could be as whole as I am now and I absolutely couldn’t have done it without them. Nano makes me a better person and everyday I am improving with them by my side.

All this time later, I feel I am truly happy. I’m doing things I want again and I’ve lost the fear of being abandoned. We’re both still working on hang ups, but we’re always helping one another. All while helping each other find out new things about ourselves together. It’s such a weird feeling. To love someone so much and to be so loved, along with having so much trust in one another. I finally am in a place where I am comfortable and even encourage them to explore things with other people. Not just being friends but even in sensual and physical ways. We’ve come so close that I don’t have the old hang ups I once had with others. I don’t need to fear them enjoying others in romantic or physical ways. I know at the end of the say they’re still my partner and they love me all the same. It might sound weird to many, but to live with that much love and trust in someone is truly freeing.

I can honestly say with all my heart that Nano is the best thing that ever happened in my life. There’s never been a moment where I ever hesitated to believe that either. They’re the kindest, purest and most selfless person I’ve ever met and I’m so beyond happy to call them my life partner. It’s only been five years and I’m excited for five more, and five more after that! I’m just as in love with them as I was when we first confessed our feelings to one another, and I know that wont change anytime soon.

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