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I was drawing some art today when I suddenly remembered a movie from my past. When I was a kid, I was super obsessed with this movie called “The Wild Puffalumps”. I used to rent it from Albertsons back when most of them had little movie rental areas in the store. My uncle lived right next to one and since my dad and I often spent time with him, we’d go to Albertsons all the time. I /always/ wanted that movie. My dad hated it. I mean, I rented it so much that once the owner of the side shop offered to just give it to me. He told my dad I was the only one who rented it so why not? Of course my dad refused, not wanting to sit through the 100th rewatching of the movie.

Renting movies at Albertsons. : nostalgia
Albertsons Movie Rental Area via Reddit

It’s basically a movie about these two kids that go snooping through their grandpa’s stuff and find a photo album with weird animals wearing sunglasses. They’re more or less immediately teleported to this island of lost puffalumps where they meet the various animals. They all have bright colors and sunglasses and cute little Hawaiian shirts. Their gimmick being they always call things “wild” and then it would zoom in on their glasses that flash the words “wild” in crazy colors. My dad and I used to quote the animals saying “wild” all the time. It was a big insider joke we had when I was growing up.

The Wild Puffalumps Movie Streaming Online Watch

In all, it’s not an amazing movie, but it’s a huge part of my childhood. I recommend watching it just as a capsule into the time it was created. Clearly it was meant to be a show pitch that flopped. The premise itself is based on the Puffalumps toys that were really popular through the 80s and early 90s, I actually had a ton of them growing up. I’m sure you guys saw some of these in toy or thrift stores when you were a kid. I had this exact elephant that I loved to death. I was really back into elephants as a kid so this plush and the character in the movie spoke to me. Though now a days both seem like a wild fever dream.

Did you have a weird movie no one else knew about that you loved as a kid? Please tell me about it! I love talking about this stuff c:

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