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Content Starts Sticker, Stationery, and Scrapbook Sunday! #1

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So! I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt a weekly blog post focusing on many stickers in my never-ending collection, as well as all the unique stationery and scrapbooking material I’ve accumulated after all these years. I decided to call it “Sticker, Stationery, and Scrapbook Sunday!” Very long, yes, but gosh darn if it isn’t accurate!

I’ve decided to start this first post off by showing you all of my sticker books. I have a nice chunk of them here, but I’m in desperate need of more! I’m hoping that after a few weeks I’ll be able to grab a few new ones. Maybe then I’ll have to do an update post, but for now, let me show you what’s already in my possession.

First, we have all my bigger albums! Funny thing about all these guys; they were all thrifted! Well, in a sense. The book titled “Memories”, and the spotted one next to it came from local thrift stores. The Lisa Frank one, however, was purchased from a lady at a garage sale who found it at a thrift store. Luckily, I got it for a steal as well, so I was pretty happy. Anyways, these three house a variety of stickers. The two red ones hold large sticker sheets. One has a massive collection of Animal Crossing themed pages and the Memory one has mostly sheets of letter stickers. The Lisa Frank one, however, is filled with 3×3 trading card sleeves. Half of these are filled with custom sticker envelopes that hold all my flake stickers. The other half holds anything and everything from vintage Pokémon, Sailor Moon, and Digimon vending machine stickers, all the way to small sheets of vintage Sandy Lion stickers.

Next would be the medium books! These ones are all varied and aren’t as organized as I’d like. Mostly a “if it fits, it sits” kind of situation. The loooong Barbie book is actually a photo album I also found while thrifting. I’ve been putting a lot of my individual artists’ stickers and stationery in this book. The pink striped book is actually meant for scrapbooking but works perfectly for those awkward sticker sheets. The best part is, it’s one of the only scrapbooks that you can buy refill pages for. Which is so crazy amazing, you have no idea. It’s nice not having to buy a book every time you run out of room.

The other two here aren’t too special, but I still love them! The clear one is also a cheap little photo album, but it’s just right for all my not-too-long, not-too-wide stickers. Then, the blue border book just holds a bit more of the same. Both just specialize in homing some of the awkward sheet sizes stickers come in. Or in the case of the photo album, hold onto those vending machine stickers from the 2000s. The fact you can slip them into the slots from the side instead of the top keeps them from slipping out. I find the fabric backing catches onto them better than the slippy dippy plastic sheets.

Last but not least are the smaller books! Almost all of these I got from Etsy. Sadly, I mistook the ones with colored boarders to be a rare find, but they’re sold on Amazon now for about $3-5 bucks each, sometimes even in two packs! The two glittery ones, however? Those are the bee’s knees! The glitter ones come with a lot of the side slide-in pages, and all of them are made from thick plastic. They also have room for stickers in the front and back, kind of like paper folders. Then to top it off, they each have a little pencil case like thing in the front! It’s great for storing super tiny, one-off stickers! They even came with white, reusable sticker sheets! You can either use them to place stickers on directly, or you can use them as a white backing like I do here.

But as much as I like these two, they and the others aren’t filled with anything themed or special just yet! Currently, I own too many stickers of too many varieties to really organize. I’m hoping to join this sticker club soon so I can grab one of their awesome sticker books. They look like they have compartments for all types of stickers. Something that could be useful for organizing.

But yeah! That’s it so far! Those are currently all my sticker books! I still have a good grip of stickers not currently housed in these books, however. Whether due to a lack of room or because they come in their own books. Currently all the ones shown here are full to burst! Some of them even have several sticker sheets per page. One day I hope to have them all organized however, but I guess you’ll all have to keep reading to see if that ever happens!

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