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Content Starts A Fantastic and Magical Dream

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Last night I had the wildest dream. Basically it started off involving my friend and I going for a shopping trip to the mall. We picked up some cute outfits and I grabbed a ton of stickers. After we had our fill of shopping, we stopped to grab some lunch and headed back to her place. In the dream, I was feeling down about my weight and my looks. About how I didn’t feel attractive and I thought people looked down on me. My friend Melissa ended up sitting down with me and having this huge heart to heart about how my body isn’t what makes me attractive and how she thinks I’m amazing both inside and out. Was super touching. Then all the sudden we were cuddling on the couch. It was implied, but never mentioned, that we had feelings for one another.

See, in my dreams, I have a very good chance at being somewhat aware of the fact that I’m dreaming. If I nap during the day, I can almost always lucid dream. This wasn’t quite that, but I was aware that it was odd that my friend and I would have feelings for one another, even in a dream. I didn’t have much time to think about it however, because I ended up waking up not long after. The dream must have really shaken me because when I went back to sleep, I awoke (slept?) in a weird continuation of my previous dream.

In this dream my friend was a Victorian royal, or at least some weird, parallel fantasy version of a Victorian royal. A little steam punk, a little fantasy, and a chunk of realism. I however, was more like an upper-middle class woman. I wasn’t so well off to be held at high regards, but I wasn’t so low that I wouldn’t be allowed to be near my friend and her family. But even though we were still close friends (and held secret feelings for one another), her parents looked down on me. The would make comments about how I wasn’t good for their image and that Melissa wasn’t taken seriously among the royal court because I was with her. They’d say it in front of me and tell her to give up our “silly” friendship so she could finally be a proper royal. Melissa would scold her parents and we’d always end up storming off.

That wasn’t the only reason she disliked her parents though. Her mom was royal by blood you see, but her step dad (like irl) was married into the royalty. He basically used her mother to climb the social ladder. He wanted to be a high ranking royal so that he could carry out this idea he had that was okayed by the king. Basically he wanted to spread this super poison that he had made to kill off all animals and plants in the kingdom. They thought the “wild” was dirty and that it threated to take us back to caveman days (rikki tiki tiki). Melissa and I realized though that this was going to end up killing everyone in the end though. Clearly we needed animals and plants to stay alive. That and obviously we didn’t want anyone or anything thing to hurt because of this poison. So to stop his plan, we became vigilantes of sorts.

Sadly how we did this wasn’t explained in my dream very well, but we ended up crafting our own disguises/costumes. I took on this role/costume of a macaroni style royal. I had this ability to charm and entrance people when I walked into a room. Had all eyes on me kind of thing. Then my friend had an awesome, steampunk style, ironman like suit. It had these vents in the back to create a jetpack like effect and long, sharp claws. The whole thing looked vaguely catlike and was mostly this deep red color.

The plan was, I’d go into the club (royal palace place) and just distract people with my powers. Melissa’s parents just saw it as me suddenly being super popular and they hated it. Because now I was getting seen all the time while their daughter was “nowhere to be found”. Then while I distracted, Melissa would climb into the poison storage areas and would take out all their machines and ruin batches of the poison. At first her costume was made to get in and out quickly. The claws being used to climb the walls and stay out of sight, but eventually she had to use it to fight off guards. She even became known among the people as the “Scarlet Woman”.

After a while, it was getting hard to fight, and people were becoming sick from the poison. The royals never noticed because they were never near it, but everywhere else, people were dropping like flies. That’s when we knew we had to get serious. So we went to the town, where all the “poor people” lived, and made a huge speech. Melissa lead the speech, talking about how we needed to rise up and fight together to make things right again. Then Melissa boldly announced she was the Scarlet Woman and put on her suit, inciting cheers from the now massive crowd that gathered. Once she put the costume on, this whole freaking riot broke loose. Together with the people of the kingdom, we went to storm the royals and their castle. But before we went off, Melissa and I had this passionate kiss and promised to be together after the battle. It was so cheesy but I loved it.

Annnnnd then I woke up. Real buzz kill that I didn’t get to see what happened in the end, but wow was it ever an amazing dream. I’m still shaken from it.

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