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Content Starts My New Goodies!

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Wanted to share with you guys all the stuff I got while at Frank and Sons!

First things I managed to snag was this old Puppy Brite plush as well as a decently intact MLP carrying case! It has a few creases since it’s really just some printed cardboard with a thin, plastic casing, but I’ll take it! Got it for I think something like $30 which isn’t bad. About the same price online. Puppy Brite however was both cheap and in great condition! Just a barely visible scuff on the nose.

I also managed to grab this adorable, Birthday Chuck E. plush! I was shocked because it was both cheap and in great condition. I always wanted a Chuck E. Cheese plush after losing my old ones, and birthdays are my favorite theme!

I also managed to grab a huge collection of VHS tapes! The Gobots were picked out by my partner and the rest were my picks (though of course we share!). Really hyped for the princess ones! A lot of those old Disney tapes had some unique footage or at least some interesting segments that weren’t seen elsewhere. I’m hoping to show them off when I start streaming! Even Cactus was intrigued!

One of my favorite things I picked up was this fully intact McDonald’s “Ronald Scholars” pencil case. I’ve literally never owned one of these cases in my life (dad always said no to only these?), so to have a freaking McDonalds one is epic. It even came with some inserts about education and some school tools. They’re even Cactus approved and kitty safe!

Last would be these small Pokemon items! Actually kind of shocked. Both were in good condition and ended up being sold on the cheap. Really happy with these two!

A lot of good stuff was grabbed at Frank and Sons! I really wish I got more though! There were just too many goodies there QwQ

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