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Content Starts New Years Resolutions

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It’s the New Year baby! That means it’s time for some New Years resolutions! I know most people either dislike them or assume everyone usually fails to uphold them, but I’m proud to say I’ve yet to fail at obtaining my New Year’s resolutions! Last year I told myself to get out of my terrible old apartment and to start drawing for myself again. I’m happy to say that both were achieved with flying colors! This year, one of my main goals is to spend less time online and more time enjoying things.

I read something on tumblr recently that really got to me. It said how the best New Years resolution they ever made was devouring everything nice in their life. About not saving things for an undetermined future. I really loved that post and it’s something I want to start living by. Use all my stickers, draw terrible doodles in my sketchbooks, take my collectables out of their boxes to be played with. It just all sounds so lovely! That’s why I decided to pick that up as another resolute for this year.

And finally, I want to continue my quest to become a better person. Be kind, even to those who don’t show me kindness in return. I want to be positive and stop with all the negative thoughts. It doesn’t do anyone any good UoU This plus reflecting more on my past trauma and learning to move past it. Removing my walls and softening up! It’s not a hard goal to obtain, but I want to put my all into it anyways! Everyone can do with a little more positivity and kindness.

So there are my resolutions for this year! What about you? Do you have any resolutions for this year?

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