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Content Starts Digimon Card Game: I Won!

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A few months back, my friend Taloc notified me of a site offering special preorders for the new Digimon card game. The preorder was for this awesome tamer box that came with a few neat exclusives. Needless to say, I bought one right away. (open in new window to full view)

After ordering my box, my friend sent me an additional link for a Digimon card sweepstakes. Basically after ordering the box or other products, you could enter a sweepstakes for chances at winning some smaller prizes, no catch included. I decided to fill it out because, why not, and happy to say it paid off.

Today, my bf went to pick up mail from our PO box, and I was greeted with a package informing me that I had won a sweepstakes. I opened it up to see four promo packs of the Digimon cards and four perforated sheets of test cards. These cards are literally the coolest and you can tell they went all out on them. Here’s some of the pics I was able to get. I’ll be keeping two packs sealed and I opened one for collection/displaying purposes. I will be giving away the final pack and sheet as a thanks for people supporting my Digimon comic: “Hard Times in Toy Town”. More info on that in the future!

Here are a few pictures of the cards and the sheets.

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