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A while back, when Covid was starting to look better, Nano and I decided to take a fun trip to Little Tokyo. I freaking love it there and the pandemic had me itchy to visit again. See, up until then, we’d go to visit frequently. Often to grab some lunch and dinner or heck, just to peruse the stores. It’s a long drive but so worth it to get some good food.

The first thing we did was hit up Jungle! They told us online that they had an extensive collection of Pokémon cards and I was so down to see these bad boys in person. Sadly it was a big let down. Turns out their “collection” was made up of newer, common cards not even worth $0.05.

It looked really cool though.

I was sad but I still had a lot of fun. I mean, Jungle had 2 other stores worth checking out! One is a model shop, the other an anime store. I’m not super into anime anymore, but I still love the aesthetic and seeing all the neat merch they offer from over seas. Since it’s mostly an import shop, most of the items are unique. I was sad because all the Digimon and Pokémon merch got gobbled up, but I still gotta see some sick items. Anime shops always give me massive nostalgia to my anime club days. Might not be my bag anymore but I love seeing all the people happy there.

Next was the model shop! They have the coolest flooring in this place, just look below! That and the raddest collection of Kaiju figures ever. (Still never forget when my group and I bumped into Nic Cage while he was inquiring about Godzilla figures.) Now this place is more up my alley. I don’t do much in the ways of models now a days but I used to do ZOIDS like crazy. I must have had almost all of the American models back in the day. Over 40 of them easily. I sadly had to get rid of them all, but I was lucky enough to pick on up at Jungle. The Gabrigator! I still haven’t built them, but I want to one day when I’m feeling relaxed. Also, I grabbed a Shin Godzilla figure for my good friend Fate! She’s a big fan and I couldn’t pass up grabbing her something while there.

Now that Jungle was thoroughly looked through, it was time to shop! I freaking love the markets in Little Tokyo and that day, we decided to try a newer one in the area. It was a lot smaller than the normal shop we visit when we’re there, but they had a lot to offer. Nano and I grabbed some drinks, some Gyoza, and lots of snacks for ourselves and to send our friend.

Before we went to the main market, we decided to check out some new shops in the area. Lots of bootleg anime shops that reminded me so much of fake Pokémon and Sailor Moon merch from my youth. I loved the Among Us merch especially, it was so off character to the point of being charming. That and Toga. She haunts my nightmares still.

Right after the small pop up shops, we decided to check out the bookstore real fast before making our way to the market. They always offer amazing art supplies, stickers and books that I hate passing it up. Well, that and Nano wanted to go! We didn’t stay long but I managed to grab a Coro Coro issue as well as a small Shin Godzilla keychain for my friend before we bounced.

Finally, we took a trip to the usual store. I just had to stock up on my favorite sweet breads and snackies! My favorite thing to do when I visit is try a new hard candy, new drink and new chip flavor. This time I got a spicy cheese flavored, bag of chips and some milk tea n’ boba candy. The chips had a slight fishy taste even with the lack of fish but over all not bad. More like subtly BBQ with a hint of fried fish. The candies were great but I definitely did not expect a whole boba in the center. As for the drink, I grabbed a canned milk tea. I love the stuff but I only get it when I’m in the area or when I pass by a boba time. It was nice to have one to take home for a later time.

With our bags full and our feet tired, it was time to head home. BUT, not before stopping to eat some Rosco’s Chicken and Waffles. It was my first time sitting down to eat since March of last year. It was AMAZING! Not only was there no one there, but they were really on top of keeping the place fresh and clean. But gosh, the food was so good. It’s been ages since I ate there and it tasted all the better while being able to eat inside again. It made me feel really human for the first time in ages. It really was a wonderful way to end a perfect day!

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