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Content Starts Trip to Frank and Sons

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Yesterday my partner Nano and I took a trip to a local place called Frank and Sons. They’re more or less a giant collectables expo that’s only open a few days a week. And it’s hecking AWESOME! They have pretty much everything you could think of there: games, VHSs, toys, cards, posters, and even pop figures. Seriously it’s so amazing and I have a blast every time I visit. This time was no different!

We started the trip off by visiting the biggest of the vintage toy collectors there. They have a good mix of both new collectables and older items. Care Bears, My Little Ponies, Micro Machines, Pokemon, you name it and they probably have it! Which is both good and bad because I want to buy everything. They have a wide selection, but sadly they usually way over charge for a lot of the items there. That and they tend to not be in the best condition. Luckily I snagged a few goodies at a reasonable price and even got 20% off! You can check out everything I got in the next post!

After grabbing our goodies, we decided to get our Pokemon business out of the way. For those who don’t know, I collect Pokemon cards. F&S has a ton of card vendors, but sadly it looks like a lot of the people who had vintage cards either left or relocated. Luckily I was still able to get a few new cards there through trading some of our cards in. The lady helping me didn’t seem all that enthused though. She started getting testy with me when I kept asking to see cards. For whatever reason, they had nothing pre-priced, so every card I wanted info on, they had to look up. In the end I had to grab some stuff I already had just to make use of our trade ins. Hopefully I can sell them off for a good price or trade them in for better!

Once we finished trading in, Nano and I decided to just wander for a little. While we were perusing, we managed to stop by an awesome new spot in the building. A small hole in the wall (literally!) selling old VHSs, games and other small collectables. Once again, they were a bit over priced for my liking 😛 Most of them selling for triple their original prices, but I caved and bought a few anyways. Luckily he gave me about $50 off for buying so many. Still, shame they weren’t a buck each! But VHSs are a bit hard to come by around here now a days, the obscure ones that is.

After grabbing a few random cards here, a vintage Chuck E. Cheese plush there, Nano and I decided to wrap things up. Sadly we didn’t have enough time to check everything out this time round. We’d been dying to try this BBQ place that was on the way back home, so we chose to come back at a later date and make our way to the restaurant. And boy howdy, I’m sure glad we decided to come back later because that BBQ place was great! It’s called Rattler’s and they pretty much only serve BBQ staples and nothing in between. Lots of meats and BBQ side favorites like mashed potatoes and baked beans. We ordered some of their “famous onion strings” to start off with, and boy were they good! After snacking for a little, our main orders arrived. I got the ribs and tri tip, with twice baked mashed potatoes and baked beans for my sides. Then Nano got the tri tip sandwich with fire fries and mac n cheese. Ugh the fries were so good! They were seasoned with some smoky chipotle and something else that made them pleasantly spicy. Like a little heat in your mouth. All the food was amazing, though sadly neither of us could come close to finishing haha.

So with our bellies full, we decided to head home. It was a nice outing, even if it was a little short! Frank and Sons sadly doesn’t open until late on Wednesdays, otherwise we would have spent all day there, but I was happy for the time we spent. In the future however, I think I’ll do less Pokemon business unless I plan on just getting rid of cards. The people there are so pent up and really try to take you for all you’ve got. Sucks bigtime. Oh well. Still had fun and I can’t wait to go back!

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