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Since I’m currently back on the hunt to finish my Pokémon collection, I figured I should try making a small, visual guide on the cards I’m currently interested in! If you have any of the cards below, please feel free to reach out to me on twitter or furaffinity! I’m willing to trade art, newer Pokémon cards, or even money to obtain these cards.

To view the cards, just right click them and open in a new tab!

Warning! Even though I am looking for these cards, I will not be paying the prices you see on websites like Ebay or Toad and Troll. Ebay and other card selling sites purposely put their highest priced cards at the top of search results, even though these cards often only sell for a small fraction of the prices listed. Please know I used to sell Pokémon cards for a few years and I have experience going to card shops and card expos. If you’re willing to trade your cards in for a fair amount, I will happily give them a new home. But I will not buy these for ridiculous and falsely inflated prices.

Cards I’m looking for:

Here are the Wizards of the Coast (WotC) cards I’m currently looking for. They do not need to be 1st edition! Since all my other cards in these sets are near mint to lightly played, I’m only looking for cards in really good condition. This means no bends, folds, creases, noticeable scratches, water damage, heavy warping or heavy whitening on the sides of the card (front and back). Make sure to click them and check the number in the bottom right corner. WotC often had 2 of a card in each set. A holo version and a non holo version:

Cards I need the majority of:

I’m currently missing the majority of the cards found in these sets, so it’s easier for me to just link the whole thing instead! If you have any of the cards in these sets, I’d love to acquire them if at all possible! I’m not too worried about condition. So long as they aren’t too rough, I’m willing to grab them!

Legendary Collection




Best of Game

Cards I don’t need, but would like!

Here are a few cards that I don’t really need but I wouldn’t mind having!

Shadowless cards:

This means that the image of the Pokémon is missing the shadow on the side. I’m interested in any cards like this. I’m not looking for perfect quality, but decent quality would be nice!

1st Edition:

These were the most coveted of cards as a kid, but now a days they don’t usually go for as much as we would have hoped. You can tell if a card is 1st edition because it will have a little 1 with the word “edition” over it.


Here are some cards I already have that I wouldn’t mind doubles of. Though I do want them in very good condition. The only exception being cards like Charizards and Blastoises. Note, they do not need to be 1st edition!

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