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Content Starts Hungry for 80s, 90s and 2000s Media

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That’s right! I’m here in search of that sweet sweet 80s and 90s media! Right now I’m looking to trade things like VHS tapes, magazines and books for art! So if you’re interested in a trade, please make sure to read below!

The term media is pretty broad, so what do I want specifically? Well I can’t write everything down because, well, there’s just too much out there! But I can give you a broad idea of what I’m interested in. As said, mostly looking for media from the years 1979 to about 2005. Specifically VHS tapes, magazines, books, pamphlets, guides and music tapes. Especially things that are well designed! Things that are just oozing with that vibe. So please, show me EVERYTHING you’ve got! You might not think I’m interested in your “How to Dance the Tango” tape, but I assure you, I am very interested!

I’m not really interested in super popular media though however. Things like the mainstream Disney movies or the Titanic. Though that’s not to say I don’t want any Disney media, on the contrary! There’s loads of things like sing along tapes, Mickey Magazine, making of movie shorts. Just trying to avoid people flooding me with the same 20 copies of Beauty and the Beast. Because let’s face it, we all probably have those tapes!

As for other things like magazines and books, I’m pretty interested! When it comes to books, I’m not interested in novels or things like remote control manuals. I am however interested in picture books, game guides, art design and anything with lots of pictures. Same with magazines! Magazines I’m probably the most loose with. Teen mags, Highlights, Disney Adventures, Nintendo Magazine, Tips and Tricks. You name it, I want it!

Then there’s other things like old Disneyworld maps, travel brochures, pamphlets from schools, yearbooks. Just neat stuff that acts like a time capsule of the past. If it has cool pictures and graphic designs, I am so interested!

If you have anything else you think I might like. Retro plush and toys, vintage Pokemon merch, anything! Feel free to let me know. And please, send me pictures! that will help a ton.

As for the trades themselves, I’m going to be doing a 1 item equals about $5 in art kind of exchange. So if you have 10 VHS tapes, I’ll draw you about $50 in art. There’s bound to be some wiggle room and I’m looking to be fair. If you’re going to force me to draw you something for $5 after I did you a $45 icon from the 10 tapes you sent me, I would just rather you find someone else. This isn’t a “I got to maximize my trade stock” thing. I just really want to start collecting media I can use for my artwork or play during my streams. For that I’m willing to draw something in exchange. I’m not Ebay, I’m not going to give you $200 for Toy Story just because grandma said it’s going back in the vault. This is just a fun little exchange!

Now, here’s some examples of the kind of stuff that has my interest!

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