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So recently, Nano and our two friends, Uji and Peddy, all took a trip to Farmer’s Market and the Boulevard. I’ve been really itching to go to the sticker store for a while so we decided, why not make a day of it?

It was loads of fun. Upon arriving and meeting up with Peddy and Uji, we all decided on getting some lunch first. Nano went with the diner restaurant, grabbing a philly cheesesteak sandwich and fries while the rest of us stopped by the Gumbo Pot for some Cajun food! Peddy and I got the gumbo and jambalaya, my favorite at the market, while Uji got the blackened salmon. Everything was spot on and delicious. Once done, we decided to peruse the wares while we waited on our stomachs to lighten up.

Peddy and I stopped for some waffle shots while browsing. Basically these cute waffle shot cups filled with your choice of coffee. We both went with a macchiato shot, his in a chocolate hazelnut cup and mine in a cookies and cream one. The coffee was great and the cups were a lightly sweet treat. The chocolate inside melting with the coffee made for a good final sip.

Upon finishing our drinks, we took a look inside a near by shop that offered fancy things like imported treats and wine. We weren’t really looking to buy but it was fun non the less, especially gawking at the $1500 aged vinegar. Afterwards, Nano and I made a mad dash for the sticker store. It’s been a favorite of mine since I was a wee child and I was eager to get some choice stickers for new projects. I’ve been wanting to use stickers to make collage pieces for art, both for myself and for others. I knew this store had some rare pieces you simply cannot buy in normal stores. That is unless, you wanted to pay up to $20 for them on ebay as many of the stickers they offer in the store are out of print and hard to come by. Luckily there would be no need since I was able to grab all the stickers I came for. There were a few, choice customers in the store. They were, how to put it, like teenagers written by adults. Though annoying, they were having fun. Even if they were a tad obnoxious, I’m glad they were enjoying themselves like we were. Let’s just say though, I was happy when I made my final purchase and could leave the excited shouts of “that’s so totally a spongebob meme rofl”.

Once the stickers were in hand, we met back up with Uji and Peddy and decided to grab some ice-cream before heading outside of the market. The place we bought from, Bennett’s Ice Cream, is another life long favorite of mine. All hand made with natural ingredients and you could taste it. Was a great way to top off the meal earlier. Then once we finished our dessert, it was off to the boulevard! First stop was the World Market. This shop is usually filled with lots of home interior items, but I was after their usually large selection of imported goodies. Sadly it seemed like they downsized in the food department during covid, but at least they had two of the things I wanted most. Crawtator and Salsitas spicy salsa chips. These are sold in the US but are extremely rare. Needless to say I bought six bags worth haha.

After the World Market it was back to the boulevard. We mostly just walked around a bit, not really going in anywhere specific. The only place we managed to go inside of was Barnes and Noble and Gap. This B&N was massive! Three stories tall and tons of items to check out. Lots of silly fun was had browsing the books. I personally love B&N since I spent tons of time inside of them as a kid and teen. Being inside the bookstore always makes me nostalgic and inspired. Plus, I actually got some Pokemon cards there!

Gap was a good amount of fun as well. Nano and I were a bit sad we didn’t have time to make it back to the market to pick up some produce and meat to go, but it was still a good time. We mostly watched Peddy try on several shorts but in all, was a nice break from walking all day. Then, when all the shorts were purchased, we decided on eating dinner at the Umami Burger joint down the road. It was sooooo good. I’ve never had it before and was pleasantly surprised. I got the K-Town burger, a hamburger with a slice of poke belly and slaw on top. It was tasty but also humanizing to be able to sit in a restaurant for the third time this year. Luckily we were all vaccinated and the inside dining was empty compared to the large groups eating outside.

Nano and Uji!

In the end, after all the shopping and dinner was done, we parted ways with Peddy and Uji. It was a lot of fun, Nano and I rarely hang with the two of them alone without other friends. Though I missed our other friends, sometimes really small meetings are enjoyable in their own right.

I’m already eager to head back in June. I only hope I can grab more food UwU

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