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Content Starts KidZone’s Day at the Store

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So after asking Nano about 100 times if I was too embarrassing, I finally worked up the courage to start carrying a plush with me in public. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for years now. I’ve been inspired both by people I follow who are brave enough to carry their plushies around as well as a lot of people who manage to take adorable photoshoots with their plush pals. It looked like lots of fun, so I decided if they could do it, so could I! That and Nano always encourages me!

So for my first day of plushing in public, I decided to take my new Kougra with me while Nano and I went to the store. His name is KidZone or K.Z. for short! I decided to take him with me since I just got him the other day. Well that and because he’s going to need a bath tomorrow anyways. So I saddled him up in my favorite wolf bag and we were off! We ended up at Walmart which honestly, isn’t my favorite store, but we had to drop off rent and it was right next door. Oh well, we made the best of it!

K.Z. was a big help picking out bananas, so we decided to let him pick out a snack to share. Then we got some Dairy Gold, yum! Only the best chocolate milk ever! After that we decided to let K.Z. try out some of the baby stuff. Strollers, walkers, playpens and more! Was a great time shopping with my new buddy. I was a little scared but with help from Nano and K.Z., I didn’t feel so weird. Can’t wait to take more plushies on adventures with me!

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